Urfic SA is a company based in Portugal, specializing in the manufacture ofcrutches for doors.
Urfic products are defined by their quality. Quality one that had its start from a proper selection of various models, coupled with a rigorous technical preparation, achieved over many years of research, design and experience.


Established in 1963 in Tondela - Portugal, and occupying an area of 80.000m2,URFIC began operations with the manufacture of brass fittings using the sand casting system.
This process has gradually developed and transformed through the dynamism of its founder - Urbano Figueiredo da Cruz – and it is now a leading global manufacturer of brass handles for furniture and construction.


The Urfic SA, it operates around the design, development and manufacture of products in the area of hardware.
Constant changes in manufacturing systems, from the automation of sand casting through injection to the modern, present day system of fully automated and computerized hot forging, in conjunction with high technology, experience,well-established know-how and constant research, have placed URFIC, along with high quality products and constantly updated design, in a prominent position in the international market.


Rua Eduardo António Coimbra n.º 319
3460-591 Tondela
Tel: 232 814 300
Fax: 232 814 301
Email: geral@urfic.pt


Rua Ciríaco Cardoso, 489
4150-214 Porto
Tel: (+351) 226 197 910
Fax: (+351) 226 106 167
Email: geral@urfic.pt