URFIC has a technical department properly resourced with equipment and human resources, in which new models and systems’ prototypes are developed and where highly sophisticated, complex and automatized tools and casts are designed and executed.

The design and execution of new models are performed by the company in collaboration and through a partnership with creative developers from a specialized department of the University of Aveiro.

Quality is the constant philosophy of our production process in all its steps. Besides this philosophical attitude, URFIC as a quality laboratory where all the production is tested every hour by sampling method. This laboratory is where all mechanical resistance and corrosion resistance tests are executed.


Rua Eduardo António Coimbra n.º 319
3460-591 Tondela
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Email: geral@urfic.pt


Rua Ciríaco Cardoso, 489
4150-214 Porto
Tel: (+351) 226 197 910
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Email: geral@urfic.pt